2013 Workshops

Workshop Presenters

Community Organization Workshops (11:15 – 12:30). Please choose one of the following:

Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW)
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Room 155
Led by Ariana Barer & Dalya Israel

WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre works to end all forms of violence against women. WAVAW provides all women who have experienced any form of sexualized violence with support and healing, and engages with youth to develop leadership for prevention of future violence.

Fat Panic
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Room 460
Led by Kalamity Hildebrandt

Fat Panic is an alliance of people of all sizes who are committed to ending the oppression of fat people and working towards a society in which no one is taught to hate their own or anyone else’s body, for any reason.

West Coast LEAF
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Room 264
Led by Adam James

The West Coast Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)’s mission is to achieve equality by changing historic patterns of systemic discrimination against women through BC-based equality rights litigation, law reform and public legal education.


Student/Activist-Led Workshops (2:45 – 3:45). Please choose one of the following:

Sacred Justice Yoga Workshop
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Room 261
Led by Andrea Macdonald and Kandace Dragonfly

Andi MacDonald is a co-creator of Community Yoga Vancouver. She received her 200 hour certification in July of 2011 from Mount Madonna and has been teaching ever since. She is also certified in yin and trauma sensitive yoga. Formerly a community organizer against the Enbridge Gateway pipeline, Andrea has been involved with environmental and social justice activism since 2008. She is currently finishing up a bachelors degree from the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at UBC, with a minor in First Nations studies. She is also studying to become an herbalist. Her writing on social justice and yoga has been published in the UBC Ignite Journal, on Elephant Journal and Tikkun Daily and in various zines. She is an unapologetic feminist with an open-heart and a big mouth. She loves facilitating, teaching, listening, learning and building community. You can check out her writing and current projects at http://www.moonlitmoth.wordpress.com

Kandace Dragonfly is a co-creator of Community Yoga Vancouver, they got their start in the yoga world whilst living on the streets of Toronto over a decade ago. Kandace sees yoga as good medicine and received their 200 hour certification from the Salt Spring Center of Yoga in 2012. They have also taken training in Yoga for Street Youth, Mental Health & Addictions, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and Yin. They are committed to creating and holding space for the peoples, sizes and identities most often ignored in main stream (western) yoga communities. Kandace has been involved in social justice movements since about 2006. They have spent time organizing for various struggles incl. g8/20 in ON and the Enbridge Pipeline in BC. Kandace brings to the table a sparkle of authenticity and blunt (yet gentle) honesty. They are an intuitive soul who mindfully treads on the hearts and minds of the students they encounter. You can find some of Kandace’s writing on their blog at http://www.fatfemmeyoga.wordpress.com

Community Yoga Vancouver offers a Sacred Justice workshop which focuses on personal, emotional, energetic and spiritual engagement with anti-oppression. It is grounded in the ethics of community care and mindfulness.

Indigenous Feminisms & the Politics of Recognition 
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Room 155
Presented by Claire Love Wilson, Alexandra Zuur, Salia Joseph, Erica Baker, and Josh Kioke.
Moderated by Dr. Dory Nason

Students from the First Nations Studies Program and the First Nations Studies Student Association will be hosting a paper presentation on Indigenous Feminisms that will explore and position Indigenous Feminist theory within academia and will be grounded in discussions on different contexts where Indigenous Feminism is at play.

Alex Zuur is of mixed Maori, Swiss and Dutch heritage and grew up in a small coastal community in Aotearoa, New Zealand and is so grateful to be a guest on traditional Coast Salish territory. Before coming to UBC, she studied and worked on a range of community development projects in Italy. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Social Work with a specialization in First Nations Studies. She is particularly passionate about the health and wellbeing of Indigenous women from her experiences as an Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher in a range of Mental Health and Addiction Centers.

Salia Joseph grew up in Brentwood Bay on Vancouver island. She comes from Squamish, Snuneymuxw and European decent. Salia is in her second year of the First Nations Studies Program at the University of British Columbia and is very honoured and privileged to study and learn on the traditional, ancestral and unceeded territory of the Musqueam people. Salia feels a very strong pull to her traditional territory and her community. There she will continue to learn and grow with her people and use her particular skill set to contribute to the vibrance of her community and the land she comes from.

Claire Love Wilson is a white/Scottish/settler/queer/feminist multidisciplinary learner and artist based in Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories. She is a student of First Nations Studies and Film Production at UBC and has directed two short documentaries in the past year focusing on issues of ancestry, decolonization, gender, love, and identity. Practices in all areas of her life attempt to manifest a fullness of joy and growth while honouring multiple spaces of struggle, loss and limitation.

Erica Baker is a fourth year student in the First Nations Studies Program and currently a guest on the traditional and unceded territory of the Musqueam First Nation. She holds interests in the politics and process of Indigenous and non-Indigenous reconciliation and critical race theory. In addition to her education at UBC, Erica has studied at the University of Queensland, Australia, in their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Department. This has inspired her research on Indigenous Feminisms and representation through film in the Australian context. Further, Erica has the added experience as a Junior Policy and Research Analyst for the Assembly of First Nations in Ottawa, focusing her research education systems in First Nations communities.

Josh Kioke has just completed his third year of the First Nations Studies Program. His research interests lie in the politics of representation, and the ways in which colonized and marginalized peoples’ voices can disrupt dominant discourses. Josh is also thinking through the ways in which those dominant discourses tend to privilege himself as a white-skinned heterosexual man.

Out in Schools
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Room 460
Led by Nico McKay and Dia Doucette Pilles

Out in Schools is a youth outreach program run through Vancouver’s Out on Screen, Film, and Video Society. Since 2004, Out in Schools has been bringing queer films to high schools in an effort to increase understanding through education and awareness.


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