2012 Workshops

PACE: Providing Alternatives, Counselling and Education Society

“SEX WORK: Myths, Realities and the Law”

Sheri Kiselbach
Sheri Kiselback is the Violence Prevention Coordinator at PACE Society. Her role is  multi-facetted and includes providing workshops and education to PACE members and community organizations. The program goal is to increase personal safety skills for individuals living and working in high risk environments including: prevention, de-escalation, disengagement, and physical self defense skills. Sheri was involved in sex work for 30 years and she brings her life experiences and expertise to PACE society. She is dedicated to this work and feels it is imperative for her to share this expertise with the community.

Alka Murphy
Alka Murphy is the Senior Support Worker at PACE Society. She provides confidential, one-to-one frontline non-judgemental and asset based support for sex works (female, male and trans). Support Services include emotional support, individual goal planning, case coordination, crisis intervention, advocacy and accompaniment for: addictions, violence, welfare, housing, legal and medical issues, prevention support for those at risk of entering into Survival Sexk Work, support and education for other service providers, and support for families of Sex Workers. Alka’s work and dedication is informed by her own personal lived experiences, her previous work in victim services, and within medical and legal systems for self-identified women experiencing violence.


Pivot Legal Society

 Pivot Legal Society was founded on the belief that poverty and social exclusion are not inevitable. By drawing attention to the root causes of poverty, criminalization and social isolation, we are creating the conditions for each of us to become full and equal participants in our communities. Pivot’s social change campaigns focus on a broad range of issues – policing, housing, sex work, child welfare, violence against women and drug policy. The thread that unifies our work is a commitment to challenging laws and policies that intensify poverty and social exclusion. Pivot’s name is metaphor for our approach to social change – by making the most tangible violations of human rights the focal point of our efforts, we exert maximum pressure in order to shift society toward greater equality and inclusivity.

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