2012 Presenters

Panel #1 (10:00-11:15am) Please choose one of the following:

Speakers Series: Media
Irving K. Barber Learning Center 260
Moderated by Kirsty Johnston

Andy Holloway
“ A Queer Parasociality: Fantasy, Power, and Unreal Desires in Owen Pallett’s Heartland”

Joanne Farrall
“Policing the borders of poly-majority: Multiple loves for whom?”
School: University of British Columbia
6th, Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies

Allison Rounding
“Criminalization of the HIV Positive Body: Stigma and Canadian HIV Disclosure Law”
School: University of British Columbia
3rd, Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies
Originally from Maple Ridge, BC, Allison is very excited to attend and present at the F-Word Conference for the first time. Discussions in Women’s and Gender Studies classes have been some of the most enlightening experiences she’s had since being at UBC and is looking forward to continuing to share ideas and gaining knowledge from her fellow feminists and undergraduate students.

Speakers Series: Youth and Education
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre 155
Moderated by Rebecca Haines-Saah

Camila Fujiwara & Claire Askew
“A Feminist Perspective: Why does BC not have an indigenous food based curriculum?”
School (respectively): University of British Columbia/Native Education College and Ryerson University
Year/Program (respectively): 
3rd, Psychology and 4th, Policy Studies

Claire is a graduate student in Policy Studies at Ryerson University and the Literacy Coordinator at the Native Education College. Claire completed her undergraduate degree in English and History at McMaster and her MA in Women’s Studies at SFU. Claire’s dissertation is an action-oriented project that studies indigenous traditional food knowledge and nutrition education in BC elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools as a tool to transmit indigenous cultural knowledge, improve literacy about nutrition, and improve personal health. Claire’s other research interests include globalization and increasing income disparity; consumerism; women’s health, unhealthy eating, and body image; and mental health and addiction. In her free time, Claire loves to play basketball, run, ski, hike, read novels, and cook.

Camila graduated from UBC in 2011 and is currently working for a youth-driven, non-profit organization called Leave Out Violence BC. Camila met her research partner, Claire while volunteering for the Native Education College as a literacy tutor. Camila has always enjoyed getting involved in research projects, particularly those that are action-oriented and involved working with people from various cultural backgrounds. Camila’s other research interests include cultural competency, multiculturalism, the development of gender stereotypes, workplace sexism and the effects of social oppression on groups.

Mandavni Dhami
“Social exclusion and the health status of youth: An analysis of the Canadian Community Health Survey”
School: Simon Fraser University
4th, Sociology and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies
Mandavni Dhami is a 23 years old and a self-described, “hairy and hungry feminist.” She was born in Richmond, BC, and grew up under the guidance of her grandmothers, mother, father and sister. Mandavni learned about respect from her maternal grandmother, justice from her mother and feminism from her sister. She spent her childhood and adolescence playing in the garden, riding her bicycle, jumping on trampolines, wrestling around, and playing with basketballs and Barbies.  Mandavni is currently pursuing a double major in women’s studies and sociology. When Mandavni grows up, she wants to become a lawyer and do anti-prison and prisoners’ justice work.

Andrea MacDonald
“Healing Trauma Through Yoga: Incorporating Intersectionality into Trauma Sensitive Yoga Classes”
School: University of British Columbia
3rd, Women’s and Gender Studies and First Nations Studies

Panel # 2 (1:30-2:45pm) Please choose one of the following:

Speakers Series: Queer Communities
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre 155
Moderated by Becki Ross

Krista Driscoll
“Shame and Homosexuality”
School: University of British Columbia
2nd, Psychology
Krista is 26 years old and has recently become very interested in shame. Her activism work includes educating the community about issues such as harm reduction, homelessness, and queer-related issues.

Anna Wärje
“An Untouchable Identity: Stone Butch Subjectivity as Reverse Discourse”
School: University of British Columbia
MA, Women’s and Gender Studies
Anna Wärje is a first year Master’s student at UBC’s Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice.  She holds a BA in English Literature, also from UBC.  Anna is a freelance writer of poetry and fiction, and has been widely published in Canadian literary journals and anthologies.

Speakers Series: Sexual Assault and Violence
Irving K. Barber Learning Center 260
Moderated by Nora Angeles

Jenny (Jiyoung) Jung
“The Systematic Ridding of Disabled Women Experiencing Domestic Violence”
School: University of British Columbia
3rd, Biopsychology
Jiyoung was introduced to the study of gender and feminism while learning Gender Psychology from Dr. Jessica Motherwell McFarlane. It was an eye-opening experience for her. She enjoys hot yoga, pole dancing, films, and TV shows. Her favourite activity is playing online games such as WoW and League of Legends.

Caity Goerke
“’Refuse to do Nothing’: Talking about Rape Culture”
School: University of British Columbia
3rd, Women’s and Gender Studies and English Literature
Caity feels very fortunate to have been volunteering with Women Against Violence Against Women for the past year. Volunteering for WAVAW has inspired her desire to speak out about rape culture and has helped her to become aware of the enormous levels of violence against women both locally and globally. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the panel on sexual assault and violence at the F-Word Conference and looks forward to the many inspiring conversations, presentations and workshops that will help make an unforgettable day!

Charly Wreggitt
“The Missing Women and Sex Worker Database”
School: University of Manitoba
3rd, Women’s and Gender Studies, Religious Studies
Charly’s personal research focuses around issues of gender and sexuality, with an emphasis on LGBT* rights and Sex Work laws. Working as a research assistant for one of her professors for the last year, Charly’s research has been around the Missing and Murdered Women and Sex Work, mainly in a Canadian context, but also looking internationally. She is also a member of the Feminist and Queer Collective. The collective is funded by the Women’s and Gender Studies program and puts together a publication each year comprised of work created by undergraduate students that relates to feminist or queer studies. She also helps organize events on campus through the Womyn’s Centre and the Women’s and Gender Studies program, such as International Womyn’s Day events or colloquiums. Charly is continuously seeking new ways to incorporate her queer-feminist identity into all aspects of her life, work, and studies.

Panel # 3 (3:45 – 5:00pm) Please choose one of the following:

Speakers Series: Pop Culture
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre 155
Moderated by Kim Snowden

Susan Reifsteck
“Ideologies of Masculinity in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis
School: University of British Columbia
3rd, Women’s and Gender Studies
Susan is an international student hailing from Austin, Texas with a passionate interest in the role media plays in our lives and in our understandings of gender and sexuality. Currently, Susan is in her third year of Women’s and Gender Studies major and in her spare time, loves to knit, read, and enjoy science fiction.

To provide context for Susan’s presentation, here are a few clips from Metropolis:


Alison Hanna Dexter
“Deception and Disguise, Trust and Transformation: The Roles of Beasts in Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast”
School: University of British Columbia
4th, Anthropology
Currently she volunteers with Science World at Telus World of Science in the Super Science Club, an after school program for children at inner-city schools. After taking her first Women and Gender Studies course this year, she was inspired to participate in this conference as pop culture has a huge influence on the representation of gender roles. Her ultimate goal is to pursue a career in health care.

Kuang Huey Liu
“Beauty and her Patriarchal Beasts: A Comparative Analysis of the Twilight and True Blood Series”
School: University of British Columbia
4th, English Literature and Political Science
For the past year, Kuang has volunteered with the Equity Ambassadors Peer Program at UBC, which is focused on social justice and issues dealing with discrimination.  She took my first Women’s and Gender Studies course this year with Dr. Kim Snowden, on feminism in fairytale and vampire literature and culture.  The course taught her a lot about feminism, how she identifies myself as a feminist and has inspired her to be more involved with the feminist community, by attending and presenting at the f-word Conference for the first time! She had a lot of fun preparing for my presentation, which is a comparison of the Twilight and True Blood series, as she is able to talk about her past time interests academically! Kuang really looking forward to the conference to learn from her peers and to hear feedback from people about her presentation.

Speakers Series: Bodies
Irving K. Barber Learning Center 260
Moderated by Anna Carastathis

Selena Zhong
“Are Two Folds Better Than One? Media’s Message on the Double Eyelid Surgery”
School: University of British Columbia
4th, Sociology
Selena enjoys learning about gender issues, and is particularly interested in gender and beauty and how that is affected by race and ethnicity. She is looking forward to the F-Word Conference and is excited to learn from all the research projects that will be presented at the conference.

Syahidah Ismail
“Who’s the Whitest of Them All? Multiple Meanings Behind Skin-Whitening Practices”
School: University of British Columbia
Alumni, Women’s and Gender Studies and Psychology
Syahidah  graduated with first-class honours in psychology and women’s studies back in May 2011. She currently moonlights as a writer and reads plenty of anti-racist,anti-colonial,feminist theory. As an aspiring media critic, she also enjoys watching television, films and and keeping up with pop culture in general.

Rania Abou-Samra
“Khayel (Shadow)”
School: University of British Columbia
4th, Women’s and Gender Studies and Visual Arts
Rania is a dancer and multi-media artist who works with performance art, paint, sculpture, and video. She explores issues of race, sexuality, home, diaspora, the personal as the political, faith/spirituality, the grotesque, ancestral memory, sustainable art, and dance. She draws inspiration from her dreams, flowers, ancestors, partner, family and other people of colour who have come before her.

Student/Activist-Led Workshops

2:45 – 3:45pm; Please choose one of the following:

Women’s and Gender Studies beyond the Degree: Lessons from the Front-lines
Presenters:  Nina Abizadeh & Carissa Ropponen
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre 155
This workshop will help to prepare current Women’s and Gender Studies students for future careers and will leave them with valuable lessons on remaining sustainable through topics of self-care, dealing with unexpected emotions and blurring of boundaries, finding new allies and standing in solidarity.

Nina Abizadeh (BA Psychology & Women’s Studies, 2011, UBC) has rich front-line experience working with survivors of sexual violence, and more recently, women and children that have experienced abuse within intimate relationships. Her current work focuses on supporting single mothers and their children living in subsidized housing.

Carissa Ropponen (BA candidate, Women’s Studies and Sociology, SFU) has a diverse background working in housing cooperatives and supporting survivors of sexual assault. She is currently engaged in anti-violence work promoting education for youth about systemic oppressions and social justice.

Common Conceptions of Women’s and Gender Studies in Young Learners
Presenters/Researchers: Chelsea Ousey & Rania Abou-Samra
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre 260
Wondering what young learners at UBC think about Women’s and Gender Studies? Come hear what they had to say and what we think Women’s and Gender Studies everywhere needs to do to move forward.
Researchers: Amara Scott, Cayleigh Handford, Ellen Bahn, Emily Plommer, Erin Kim, Hillary McLeod, Joanne Farrall, Silvia Almanza Alonso & Tanya Hubbard.

Out in Schools
Presenter: Nico McKay
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre 461

Out in Schools is a youth outreach program run through Vancouver’s Out on Screen Film and Video Society. Since 2004 Out in Schools has been bringing queer films to high schools in an effort to increase understanding through education and awareness. Short films are used as a medium to facilitate discussions on stereotypes, bullying, and homophobia, with the goal being to create safer spaces for all high school students. Out in Schools presentations are upbeat and positive and over the years the organization has made strong connections with local Gay Straight Alliances, educators, and the Vancouver School Board.

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